"First of all THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! I meant to get back to you before now but have been on the run daily. I just sent out the survey letter that we were given in our envelope when we boarded the bus. Laurie, I can't say enough about what a wonderful experience it was!!! We had the best time ever! Put it on your "things to do" list. Steve, the driver and Fred, the steward were extremely pleasant and the ride was comfortable. Fred served snacks & beverages....just like on an airline (nice surprise)......he gave us tips of places to go & what to look for, who & where to stay away from, etc. The couple behind us were fun and he knew Renny, then after we got in the theater a couple sat behind us and the guy said "Hello, Judi"! I use to work with him at Otto Olds....we had not seen each other since 1994....nice visit with them. They had boarded the bus in Amsterdam. The show was just spectacular....especially the Rockettes....full orchestra was fabulous and the new 3D is almost magical! We highly recommend this to all families. Our seats (as well as the other passengers) were in the 1 st. mezz (not orchestra) however we really like being up in that area rather than in the orchestra seats....seems like a better view up higher and we were only three rows back. After the show we went to Rockefeller Plaza, Times Square then Bryant Park where the vendors are located. Also, we went to the public library which overlooks 5th avenue and watched with amazement all the traffic and people. It was truly a wonderful time......our Christmas gift to one another!

Thanks again and hope you and your family have a very Happy Holiday."

Hugs - Judi & Ren